Make Complex User Journeys Simple

Over 2,500 marketers have used FunnelFlux's technology to track, control and optimise complex funnels and user journeys.

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The Heart of FunnelFlux

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Our funnel builder lets you build anything you can
imagine. Imagine you're drawing a visitor journey on
a whiteboard. That's how easy it is.

Powerful Data

Lightning-fast Quickstats

Break down any data in seconds using quick-stats

Powerful, Flexible Reporting

Group by anything, show complex visitor journeys easily

Every Metric You've Ever Wanted

Funnels can be complex - we have you covered
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Powerful, Flexible ReportingEvery Metric You've Ever Wanted

Why We’re Better

No limits on the path users take

Break away from generic lander to offer paths and capitalise on every visitor.

Visual building

Gone are the days of form after form – build and configure your funnels visually

Complex tracking made simple

Need some complex pathways, rules and routing? These are simple to visually build, no coding required
No limits on the path users takeVisual buildingComplex tracking made simple
Automatic OptimisationPathway OptimisationWebhook NodesOptimizer Integration

Features We’re Working On

Automatic Optimisation
Lander and offer groups are available. We'll be adding EPV-based optimisation within groups at a per-funnel and global level
Pathway Optimisation
Go beyond basic lander/offer optimisation and personalise the entire path a user takes through a complex funnel
Webhook Nodes
Simplify integrations with any third-party system, such as Zapier, or your own scripts. Connect your opt-in forms to any CRM easily
Optimizer Integration
Start programmatically optimising your ad campaigns by connecting your FunnelFlux data to the most comprehensive optimising platform available

Pricing Plans

To be revealed soon. For now, you may sign up for free!
To be announced


No limits on funnels createdNo limits on any featuresLimited to 1,000,000 visitors a monthLimited datacenters during free period
To be announced