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Key Features

What makes us unique

Visual Funnel Builder
Funnel Flux's Visual Editor allows you to build your funnels quickly, easily and without having to place any scripts on any page.
Powerful Statistics Engine
Find your profitable traffic segments in a second. Use your own custom tracking fields and 60+ default Key Performance Indicators automatically tracked for you.
Funnel Heatmaps
View your campaign's performance visually. Pinpoint the exact bottlenecks in your funnels for each traffic source, country or any other metric combined or independently.
Multi User Support
Have a team or employees? Want to restrict access to only certain campaigns? With Funnel Flux you can create unlimited users, each with custom access permissions.
Collect Conversion Data from Competitors
Found a competitor's page you want to test? No need to copy their lander, remove their tracking and upload on your server. Just enter their page url and you will be able to test it with your offers right away ( more details inside).
Leads Lifetime Value
Don't guess anymore! Instantly see the lifetime value of your leads. No matter how complex the campaign or how many channels you are using.
  • Self Hosted
  • Built-in Statistical Significance
  • Multi-Variate Testing
  • Email Opt-in Conversion Tracking
  • Funnel Heat Maps
  • Bot & Custom Traffic Filtering
  • Unlimited Tracking Domains (CNAMEs)
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Drag & Drop Visual Funnel Builder
  • No Need to Place Any Script on Any Page
  • Segment Data the Way You Want
  • Custom Tracking Fields
  • Pin Point Funnel Bottlenecks
  • Advanced Geo Targeting
  • Route Traffic Based On Conditions Anywhere in Your MultiPath Funnels
  • Unlimited PHP/JS Custom Routing Rules
  • Collect Conversion Stats From Your Competition
  • Link Cloaking
  • Lifetime Value Of Leads (No Matter How Many Channels You are Using)
  • Codeless Magic Flux Tokens
  • 60+ Key Performance Indicators
  • Advanced Retargeting Pixel
  • Advanced Manual Conversions Update
  • Advanced Traffic Cost Update
  • No-redirect Tracking
  • Advanced Scripting For Developers
  • Custom PHP & JavaScript Insertion Anywhere In Your Funnels
  • Keep Your Data Private
  • Lightweight & Fast
  • 5 Minutes To Enter A Market
  • Powerful Stats Engine
  • Affiliate Networks Postback Tracking
  • Return Conversions Back to Your Traffic Sources
  • Works with affiliate AND vendor funnels
  • Live Dashboard
  • API
Michael Gonzales
Co-Founder @ AdShareMarket.com
I wholeheartedly agree with Vita Vee’s claim that Funnel Flux is the “Best Funnel Tracker in the Universe!” I have been an online entrepreneur for almost 20 years and have never witnessed a more powerful and sophisticated software that delivers your data with pinpoint accuracy along each and every node of your sales funnel. Funnel Flux is a “Next Generation Must Have Software” for Performance Marketers who want complete control over their advertising budget. From the Visual Interface to the Traffic & Conversion Heat Maps, vital information is literally at your fingertips. My team and I are so impressed with Funnel Flux that we have decided to migrate or should I say “Flux” all of our existing campaigns!”
Dan Iavorszky
marketing manager @ localweb
Funnel Flux is magic! I can now test, analyze and optimize a variety of campaign types in no time. Also building them, with the help of the visual builder is a dream come true. And did i mention the gorgeous support VitaVee is offering? FunnelFlux is about making you money. Serious money. Worth every single penny, without any doubt.
Stephen Crooks
Online Entrepeneur
If you have struggled with other tracking products where you need a degree just to install it, then Funnel Flux will be a revelation to you. Its simplicity is just a part of its power, because hiding under its sleek and slick interface is an engine that could power a journey to Mars and back. With features you have only ever dreamed about up until now. Within milliseconds of sending traffic through my funnel, I was able to determine where that person lives, where they ended up in my funnel, what device they were using, how long they spent in my funnel.. Even the size of the display they were using and that was just a mere scratch on the surface of what Funnel Flux delivers!
Carl Vanderpal
For me, it's crucial to maintain a profitable marketing & sales funnel for my clients and myself. Over the years I have used various testing, tracking, and variant software and sites, to identify what is converting and what is not. Of course they had their pros, but they never really gave me the ability to drill down to a granular level to find out intricate details of the visitor, nor did they give me the ability to create a sales tracking funnel to this sort of degree and flexibility, and that is only the tip of the iceberg with this groundbreaking software.

Take it from my 20 years of online experience, if you're remotely serious about marketing online, you'll want this set of tools in your arsenal before you launch any campaign. Not only that, I have worked with Vita on various other projects for close to 5 years and he is certainly someone I know will ALWAYS over deliver on his promises, this software is no exception.
Lloyd Adams
Edmonton, AB., CAN.
Instanly I noticed that Funnel Flux was very easy to install and initialize traffic sources, affiliate networks, and offers for your campaigns. Setting up sub IDs is so easy, it’s night and day compared to the competition. Absolutely no hassle. The stats are very straightforward and you can see instantly what is, and is not working with the new heat map feature. It’s really cool! I think you’re really going to love the visual construction of your campaign funnels, because you can easily construct landing pages, rotators, e-mail campaigns, and anything complex you can think of extremely fast with a click of a button. Using Funnel Flux is a joy. Overall I think you’re going to love Funnel Flux’s ease of use and fast, “know what’s going on with your campaigns” operation.
Pittsburgh, PA USA
There's an old saying, "What gets measured gets managed." Funnel Flux takes that saying and puts it on steroids. I can't believe how much faster I'm able to build my sales funnels using Funnel Flux. I love that it's self-hosted (I'd NEVER trust a company to host my tracking solution), runs incredibly fast no matter how many clicks you throw at it, and runs great on a cheap (I'm talking $3 a MONTH) VPS. Did I mention it has easy, visual split-testing capability BUILT-IN? Funnel Flux is so simple to use I think even complete noobs could quickly become very profitable with it. Thanks, Vita Vee. You've raised the funnel tracking bar very high indeed.
we include Built-in powerful email tracking


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I don't understand what your software does exactly?
Funnel Flux basically allows you to find your profitable traffic segments and the non-profitable ones. The concept is best illustrated through an example:

Imagine you have a squeeze page and then promote affiliate products on the backend. You are sending traffic to this squeeze page through multiple channels, like Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Solo Ads etc.

At the end of the day, what you want to know is where your ad spend is best allocated. Funnel Flux allows you to do just that; you can see how much money you spent on each of those traffic sources, how much revenue has been generated by the leads from those traffic sources, independently. You can analyze with great details to find things like women from 25 to 34 convert very well from a very specific facebook ad, while women above 35 barely convert. You can go further and see that women from 25 to 34 from France using an Android device give you a profit while women from 25 to 34 using an iPhone or a desktop computer cost you too much money.

With this data you can then change your ad targeting to only pay for the converting traffic and stop wasting money on the non-converting one. This is what we call campaign optimization and Funnel Flux is the best software for that.
How many copies can we run at once with one license?
One license allows you to install one single instance of Funnel Flux. But your pages and offers can be on any other server or domain. Your installation acts as a hub for all your marketing and your statistics are accessible from one single dashboard, making it easier and faster to control all your campaigns. While we strongly recommend to use only one installation, power users can get additional licenses at a 50% discount.
Is Funnel Flux like ClickFunnels?
You can't really compare Funnel Flux and ClickFunnels as they're not used for the same thing - but they can be used together.

Clickfunnels is basically a page builder. You create pages thanks to templates and define the order in which you want them to appear. They have very basic tracking in place, but far from enough to help you optimize a campaign.

FunnelFlux on the other hand doesn't have any page building capability, so you need another software to create your landers, but is the Rolls-Royce of tracking and traffic routing.
100% 3-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Your Software Is Risk-Free!
If you're not happy with Funnel Flux, just cancel your subscription and you won't be charged anything. No questions asked.
Is FunnelFlux self-hosted?
Yes, FunnelFlux is a self-hosted software that you must install on your own server (we have an easy to follow step by step tutorial and automated scripts to help you with that - we can also configure your server and install it for you at an additional fee of $49).
I'm not a techie, is it difficult to install?
It literally takes just 5 minutes to install: Create a database, Copy 3 files, Open your browser at your files location and follow the simple instructions! It's that easy. And in case this is still too complex for you, we're just one email away to get you up and running in no time.
I hate it when I need to update my self-hosted applications. Can you update my installation for me?
Funnel Flux auto-updates by itself. You don't need to do anything to get the latest version.
What are the minimum requirements to install Funnel Flux?
PHP 5.6+ with the following extensions: ionCube Loader 5.0+, zip, mcrypt, mbstring, json, hash, curl, mysqli, sockets. 99% of the web hosts out there should have these installed by default.
Do you recommend a specific hosting company?
If you're not afraid of managing your own server without cPanel, we recommend Vultr.com - they have the fastest servers at the lowest prices. If you are interested, contact us at the support desk and we will help you get set up in no time.